7 Reasons to choose Niche Blog over Lifestyle Blog

Are you planning to jump into the world of blogging?

Are you confused between the types of blogs? Don’t know which should be chosen, a niche blog or a Lifestyle one?

Choose Niche Blog over Lifestyle blog

If your answer for the above questions is YES! Then finally you are on the right spot NOW!

Before going further, let me introduce myself, Meet me, I’m Umair Akram, an Internet Marketer and SEO Consultant having more than 3 Years of Experience. I’m the Author of a blog about SEO, Blogging and Online Earning known as MyTechMag . I have build many money making niche blogs and I Love helping newbies in Blogging to guide them through the process of making money online.

Because, today I am going to discuss the types of blogs and will try to prove why I always prefer lifestyle blogs over niche blogs?

But, before we start our discussion with statistics, facts and figures let me clarify your vision about these both types of blogging (Maybe you already know about it before).

Defining Niche blogs & Lifestyle Blogs:

In the blogosphere where all the online blogging business is being done, there are mainly two types of blogs. One is the niche blog and the second one, the lifestyle blogs.

The key difference between them is their niche or category. Niche blogs are always focused on a specific niche, it maybe globally or locally. But the lifestyle blogs are blogs about nearly any kind of stuff you can think about. It depends on what’s going inside the mind of the Author. Maybe He’s happy and writing about happiness in life or He’s a businessman who often writes about his market interests and some tips about flowing in the market.

In simple: Lifestyle blogs are totally flexible blogs and their author can write their personal experiences and their advices on them, and just hit the publish button. They are totally like personal diaries visible to everyone.

If someone is going to jump into blogging to earn a living from it, lifestyle blogs aren’t a good option. Because, this type of blogs often requires a lot of time (even years) before they were popular enough to make some hard cash.

Whereas, the niche blogs have a great attraction due to focused on a specific niche and can be popular enough to make some cash for their author, in a short span of time.

Today, I am going to talk about the reasons to choose niche blogging over lifestyle blogging, if you are doing it to learn how to earn money online.

Note: In the last of this post, I am giving a FREE blue print to a niche blog as a reward to those guys who read this post till the end.

So, let’s start our journey guys:

7 Reasons to choose Niche Blog over Lifestyle Blog

They are easy to set-up

As compared to lifestyle blogs, niche blogs are easy to set-up. You can start a niche blog without putting much effort. You don’t need a totally personalized theme and you don’t need to spend hours to create categories for your blog.

content writing laptop

Niche blogs are focused on only one topic and you only have to brainstorm about that niche. You don’t have to diversify your thinking to brainstorm ideas for your blog. You don’t need to add categories time to time and your blog requires a much cleaner and simpler set-up as compared to lifestyle blogs.

Lifestyle blogs often looks very stuffy and it’s hard to set-up them for the very first time. Maybe you have to hire an expert to do that stuff for you and you have to spend hundreds of bucks for this.

It’s easy to create content

Another reason to start a niche blog is that they require less content as compared to lifestyle blogs to rank and get traffic. The content planning to niche blogs is much easier than lifestyle blogs. While creating content for a niche blog you have to write only about a single niche and it’s easy to cover all the prescriptive of your blogs niche.

So, it becomes easy to make your blog a complete hub of info about that niche where the process is far different for lifestyle blogs where you have to create thousands of blog posts to build it. Niche blogs content creation includes List Posts, Pros and Cons posts, Experts reviews and product reviews after which the blog is built enough to attract a good amount of traffic.

Requires less time

Niche blogs need less time to grow and generate traffic and revenue as compared to lifestyle blogs. It’s hard to grow lifestyle blogs because they require a lot of work to be done before they attract traffic. You have to build connections with others, write guest posts to get quality backlinks, make social media pages and create content for them which is so much time taking.

In niche blogs, this all stuff doesn’t matter much, as the only target is to provide quality information and to rank for that niche in SERP’s. Even you have to do guest posts too in order to get backlinks but you don’t have to build backlinks for every single post, because the whole blog is about a single niche. In lifestyle blogs, this term is highly diversified.

Provide Reliable Audience

reliable audience

The audience your blog attract matters a lot. Your audience defines that how your blog is going to perform, how you are going to monetize your blog and what you are going to earn. Niche blogs tend to attract a much reliable yet flexible audience.

The key benefit of a niche related audience is that “You understand your audience, and they understand you”. In a lifestyle blog, your every blog post focus a different part of your blog’s traffic and you have to write separate blog posts for separate category of visitors.

Whereas, in the niche blogs every single blog post of you, targets your whole audience. This happens because your whole traffic is focused on a single niche and that’s why a single post can cover your whole traffic.

Ranks higher in Search Engines

rank higher in search engines

If we talk about how search engines react to niche blogs, then the answer surely will be “They love it”. Search engines love niche blogs because they are much more authentic and contain much more information about a specific niche as compared to ordinary lifestyle blogs.

Niche blogs ranks well in search engine because they are well interlinked and internal linking is a great ranking factor nowadays. Lifestyle blogs can’t be linked strongly in a meaningful manner, whereas niche blogs can.

Niche blogs ranks well in search engines mainly because they are created to do so. They are specially made for only one niche and core purpose to build them is always to rank higher in search engines.

Easy to Monetize

easy to monetize

Another reason you should always choose niche blogs if your prime target is to make money, the opportunities to earn are countless because they are easy to monetize. It’s easy to monetize niche blogs because they have a highly targeted traffic based on a specific phase or keyword, or from a specific geo location so advertiser’s also get good ROI on them.

Best for Affiliate Marketing

Niche blogs performs best if they are monetized through Affiliate marketing, because the traffic is highly targeted thus they can generate more sales, and more profit than lifestyle blogs. In Lifestyle blogs your ads only target a specific number of users and not all visitors are interested in the same ad. But the process is quite opposite in niche blogs, all your audience is interested in a single type of ad if it is related to your blog’s niche.

Do checkout my guide to affiliate marketing for more learning on monetising your blog with affiliate marketing.

Special Giveaway for You!

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Bottom Line:

Whether you are planning to start a niche blog or a lifestyle one keeps one thing in mind, they both require hard work. Nothing is impossible but nothing like this is possible in a night too. Success is not overnight and it requires a lot of hard work, planning, patience and consistency.

I personally recommend niche blogs over lifestyle blogs if you are planning to make some money from your blog. Niche blogs are always helpful in making money as fast as possible. Just keep an eagle eye on what you are doing. I personally advise you to first learn the core dynamics of Niche blogging, before you start your own.

If you find this post useful and you think that it worth sharing, then go ahead and spread the knowledge.

Are you confused with anything discussed above? Don’t be panic, just leave me a comment with your question and I will surely help you with the rest.

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