How to Bring Visitors Back to Your Website

How to Bring Visitors Back to Your Website

Who doesn’t want to bring visitors back to the website? But the interesting thing is that a lot of people aren’t talking about bringing visitors back to their website. Rather, everyone is trying to get new visitors through social media, search engines, and other sources.

In my old article, How to Hook the Visitors and Stop from Leaving Your Website?, I mentioned key aspects on how to sustain the visitors but today, I’m going one step further and going to discuss about How to bring back visitors to your website. Don’t consider it as re-marketing, I’m going to discuss something completely different.

What are you doing to bring back visitors at the moment?

Since no body talks about, so no body discuss about it. The question is, what are you doing to make that happen? Do you even try to bring back the visitors to your website in any way? Most of you might not be doing anything for that. This is why I decided to write a blog post on bringing back your website visitors.

You’d be able to figure out that:

  • You’re leaving money on the table
  • You can increase your website visitors
  • Generate more leads
  • Learn How to earn more money online this way
  • You can engage more people on social media

All of this could happen if you start focusing on the methods that will attract your audience through different mediums and motivate them to come back to your website.

Before I get started with some of the techniques, I want to tell you that all of these won’t work for all of you. Plus, you can try out all the techniques, and you’d find out that a couple of techniques work better than the other ones. But the more effort you put in, the better the result.

How to to Bring Visitors Back to Your Website

So here are six methods to bring visitors back to your website:

Create Content

Steps Toward Developing A Content Strategy 02

This might be the most unpopular way of getting traffic or bringing back your visitors on your website, but it’s a tested strategy by millions of brands, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and marketers around the world. When you create content, you give yourself or your brand a chance to attract the fan base through that content.

A lot of companies use different types of platforms to put out content. They publish articles, videos, pictures, infographics, and podcasts. It doesn’t mean you have to create every type of content; choose what you’re comfortable with and can easily produce.

Benefits of creating content :

When you would create content, it will allow you to send a message to your subscribers, clients, and social media followers to check it out and visit your website again. For example, whenever you publish new content on your blog, you share it on your social media to let the followers know about it.

Content creation does wonders for everyone who understands the power of it. The reason is that you would be either publishing content on your blog or mentioning your website in the content, in case, you’re publishing it somewhere else. So you would have a chance to create a hook through your content whether it’s an article, a video, or a podcast. You can always inject your website to push the audience to check out your website.

My Friend, Jyoti wrote a guide on 7 Tips to Always Write Quality Content. This is an awesome guide to produce awesome content.

Offer a Discount

One of the best ways to get the attention of the audience is by offering them a discount. Whenever a discount is offered, subscribers and fans want to check out the offer. They mostly want to know how huge the discount is so that they don’t miss a good deal.

Normally, 10% to 20% discount doesn’t appeal to the audience, 40% to 60% discount does that job. A lot of consumers save money and always shop during the Christmas and New Year season because of the discounts. So if you want to bring your customers back to your website, try giving them a discount and push them to check out the landing page or a specific page of your website or the homepage of your website. You can inform them via social media, text message, or newsletter.

Update on New Features

update new features alert

Whenever you add new features to your product, it gives you a reason to provide an update to the audience or clients. You can share the details with them through your favourable mediums such as social media or email.

The idea is that you can make the message appealing encompassing all the newness so that they become anxious to check out the new features or updates. If you just updated the product or added new features to your product, it is a fantastic opportunity to bring your customers or visitors back to your website.

It does seem interesting because if you just randomly email them offering your service or a survey to fill without any reward, they won’t feel attracted to the offer. Therefore, the offer won’t do much and your attempt to bring them back to your website won’t be successful. Make sure that you design your message in a cool way that it sounds interesting too for them to pay attention to it.

Giveaway Contest


Initiating a giveaway contest would be another great strategy to bring the visitors back to your website. Let’s admit that it’s difficult for companies to always encourage visitors to check out their latest blog posts or they don’t frequently redesign their websites to send an update to the visitors. So doing something that genuinely interests them is a win-win strategy.

Who doesn’t want to win a free product? Plan a giveaway contest and share the details of the contest and the prizes with the audience. The better the giveaway products, the more the attraction in the giveaway. So always try to get amazing products to give away to your audience. But don’t forget to inject your blog or website during this process. You have to make sure that you’re bringing the visitors to your website through this contest. You can put a link to the giveaway page on your website so that it becomes necessary for the participants to visit your website and find the link somewhere on your website.

Rebekah Carter, In her article at SproutSocial, give a detailed guide to starting your own contests and giveaways to boost sales and connect with your lost potential consumers.

Schedule Social Media Posts

social media platforms

Social media might be one of the things you would already be doing for a lot of reasons. But if you never tried scheduling your social media tool, then try out this time. You can use the tools like Buffer or HootSuite for that. Scheduling allows you to post on social media in advance so that you could sit back and engage with the audience whenever your content gets shared.

Another advantage of scheduling social media posts is that when you post once on social media, it doesn’t appear to all of your fans. So there is a clear chance that the majority of your fans won’t be able to see your content or posts every time you share something on social media. So scheduling allows you to share one post or update multiple times so that a lot of people could see the same thing at different times.

Build a Community at Facebook or Attach a Forum :

community building

This is another great way. Once You feel like you need something more then content and above mentioned strategies to make a link. FaceBook Group or Creating a Forum on your website is a right way. I’m not the one just saying it, but this is the common strategy of all Professional Marketers and Website Owner’s.

Let’s take any marketer and do a thorough research on it and you will find the secret of success. In my opinion, 8/10 follows this strategy in some way.

Wrapping up


I shared six simple methods to bring people back to your website. We get caught up in attracting a new audience through SEO and social media advertising that we don’t focus much on the existing audience. Not only existing visitors or fans could convert well, but it could also deepen your connection with them.

You can always try out different things and see what works best for you. Attracting the existing audience and bringing them back to check out your fresh content or new features or redesigned website isn’t that easy. You might notice that I updated my blog design, plus, I consistently post new content and send out via newsletters. All these strategies have helped me understand the importance of bringing the visitors back to the website.

Once you figure out this, your next step should be Improving Your Website Conversion Rate and Reducing the Website’s Bounce Rate .

If you have any other method to bring visitors back to your website then share with us in the comments below.

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