4 Online Advertising Methods to Try Out (2023)

4 Online Advertising Methods to Try Out

Online advertising has never been this easier and versatile. There was a time when online advertising used to be considered just an ad campaign on Google Adwords. Then the advent of the social media networks diversified the area of the online advertising. Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, and a lot more social and connectivity platforms have ad programs that allow advertisers to reach the wider audience through paid advertising.

In this article, I’m going to share four online advertising platforms with you. You might find those options surprising because these ad methods are not ad networks or platforms. However, they utilize the power of their existing user-base to provide the advertising option to the interested advertisers.

Following are the online advertising methods to try out in 2023:

It’s not that Google Ads is not the best, it’s still one of the most effective and great ways to advertise online however below are other options which also seems to be suitable.

Quora Advertising for Online Promotion

Quora is a popular questioning and answering website with millions of monthly visitors. It does have an advertising platform that is CPC based. It requires the regular Quora account to logged into the ad account. Thereafter, you get to choose the title, description, and URL & text -based CTA. It shows up at the top of the answers of the relevant question.

Pocket Sponsorship for online advertising

Pocket is a great bookmarking tool which allows you to bookmark your favorite articles, videos, and web pages and access remotely on your smartphone or any other device. Pocket has smartly introduced the advertising option that shows up sponsored posts in your bookmarked content. It displays the sponsored content natively within the app on mobile and desktop.

Snap Ads as a method for online advertising

Snap Ads gave a nudge to the online advertising world when it went live. The important part is that they offer different types of ads on Snapchat. For instance, Snap ad could be along with an article, app install, long-form video, and website view. Either you just go with a snap ad that has a vertical 10-sec video with motion, sight, and sound or choose one of the options to make it better for the prospective audience.

Wordads a popular advertising platform online

Wordads is a WordPress’ native advertising platform that offers publishers and advertisers a chance to come in together and start advertising business under the same platform they love. WordPress powers almost 27% of the total websites. The way WordPress is growing on both ends (.org and .com), it’s understandable that Wordads could be a success. One of the reasons we can’t write-off this advertising platform is that they are good at audience engagement especially on wordpress.com. Whenever you launch a specific type of blog on WordPress.com, it helps you meet the like-minded bloggers to connect to.


Semrush is not an online advertising, but instead it’s a tool specialised for digital marketers, bloggers, webmasters who are frequently searching on their competitors, strategies and keep on analysing their ads, site and keywords. I definitely recommend you to add this in your online advertising strategy. Checkout it’s review -> Semrush review. I have personally tried and got great results with it, so i definitely recommend you as well.

Final Words on Online Advertising Methods to try in 2023

A lot of you might not find these online advertising platforms conventional ways to advertise online but before reading this blog post many of you didn’t know about these platforms. The awareness is a plus point.

Despite the fact that Facebook ads is quite popular these days but still search based ads are a major marketing and engagement tool for lots of companies out there. It’s not about which ad platform is better than the other, in fact, it depends on the intent and target to achieve.

Similarly, the four online advertising platforms that are discussed in this article might look underrated at the moment which might make them underpriced as well — once they get the traction, things like price, outcome, and reach would certainly effect.

As I said earlier, online advertising isn’t limited to a certain platform. So give these platforms a chance and add a few in your marketing arsenal.

What ad platform would you choose if you would have to try out a single one of them in 2023?

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