Top & Best Popular Bloggers in Pakistan – [Jan. 2024 Updated List]

best top pakistani bloggers blogs

With so many upcoming and already established bloggers in the Pakistani Industry, I thought to have my own version of Top & Best Bloggers from Pakistan.

Top Bloggers in Pakistan 2024

Blogging is one of the Popular Way To Make Money Online and it’s true that Blogging has opened a new arena for people struggling with online career and many people of Pakistan have done wonders in this field.

Although, this list is decided as per my own observations, but if you feel I have missed a blogger or have wrongly ranked or listed someone as a blogger, you are welcome to add your opinion via comments section.

Best Popular Bloggers from Pakistan in 2024

Whether you’re an aspiring blogger or just looking for a little inspiration in your life, Checkout fellow below bloggers, visit their profile, learn from their blogs and experience.

So Let’s go straight to the top performing best bloggers from Pakistan.

[Please note the bloggers ARE NOT arranged in a ranking order, however rest assured all are top and recommended professional bloggers from different places in Pakistan].

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Muhammad Mustafa – Popular Pakistani Blogger

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai top pakistani blogger from karachi

Mustafa is a famous blogger from Karachi. He has years of experience in blogging and he mostly talks about Blogging, SEO, How to Earn from blogging etc.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link :
  • Layout : 7/10
  • Content Quality : 9/10 – Well Researched.
  • Traffic : 6/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : Comments are few.
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : Around 5 to 10 posts a month.

Best Performing Blog Posts

Mustafa had some great posts on his blog. His research on Bitcoin currency is proved to be well significant, with many people praising him. I recommend to check some of this below posts :

Ali Raza – Best Digital Marketing Blogger from Lahore, Pakistan

ali raza best lahore pakistani blogger

I know you people will say that since it’s my blog so I’m self praising myself, but to be honest, I have several reasons to list myself here.

  • Google Digital Marketing Certified
  • Owner of a Google Partner, Digital Marketing Agency
  • Regularly updating my blog.
  • Sharing my years of experience.

I have always considered earning as a second thought and delivering the first one because my prime interest is in building audience, which has also resulted in producing premium content here.

On my blog, I mostly talk about digital marketing, brand building, business and do some tutorials and product reviews.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link : Ali Raza
  • Layout : 8/10
  • Content Quality : 10/10
  • Traffic : 7/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement :  7.5/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : Around 5 posts a month.

Best Performing Blog Posts

Anything further I write about myself will be self praising, but to help readers to learn something new, I recommend to check few of the below posts :

Also do checkout my Youtube Channel.

Abdul Wali – Top Pakistani Blogger

Abdul Wali popular pakistani blogger from karachi

Huge respect for Abdul Wali Sir in Blogging Industry of Pakistan. Consider a person who haven’t gone to school yet shortlisted for the top Pakistani blogger? He actually deserves it. I also have taken his interview, consider checking it too. Click here to check this interview.

Abdul Wali mostly shares his tutorials on different languages & scripts which is being used online. He also talks about blogging and discuss various ways for helping students to achieve their online goals.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link:  AbdulWali.Net
  • Layout : 7/10
  • Content Quality : 7/10
  • Traffic : 7/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 8.5/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 1 per month [Very Low]

Aamir Atta of – Best Pakistani Blog from Islamabad, Pakistan.

aamir atta of propakistani blog

Who dont know about Propakistani? A best of best blog from Islamabad, Pakistan. 🇵🇰 regarding Tech and IT industry. They have also started covering more news related to IT, innovation and somewhat Pakistani based popular news.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog link :
  • Layout : 9/10
  • Content Quality : 7/10
  • Traffic :10/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 10/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : Around 50 to 80 posts a month.

As per alexa rankings, is 81th Most visited website in Pakistan and globally it ranks in top 10,000 websites.

Mohammad Ismail – Finest Blogger from Peshawar, Pakistan.

Ismail is a famous blogger and online instructor with huge following in Pakistan. He mostly write about different product reviews on his blog. I also recommend to check his Ultimate Niche Blogging Course.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link :
  • Layout : 9/10
  • Content Quality : 9/10
  • Traffic : 9/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 5/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 4 to 5 Posts a Month.

Ammar Ali – Young Pakistani Blogger

Ammar Ali young pakistani blogger

Being young doesn’t mean he earns less. Handsome, smart and young pro blogger from Pakistan. Got great writing article with convincing words which makes you buy from his affiliate links on his blog. Ammar, best wishes for your future.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog link :
  • Layout : 8/10
  • Content Quality : 9/10
  • Traffic : 10/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 9/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 2 to 3 posts a month.

Syed Faizan Ali – 

syed faizan ali

Faizan mostly talks about Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media and making money online stuff in his blog.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link :
  • Layout : 7/10
  • Content Quality : 7/10
  • Traffic : 8/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 6/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 1 to 2 posts a month.

Fahim kundi

fahim kundi

Fahim mostly talks about blogging, wordpress and things related to it. His blog layout seems very professional and attractive, I wish him best of luck plus i recommend him to frequently update content.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link :
  • Layout : 9/10
  • Content Quality : 7.5/10
  • Traffic : 6/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 7/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 1 to 2 per month.

Shahzad Bashir – Great Blogger from Karachi

shahzad bashir

Shahzad mostly discuss about freelancing on his blog. He writes on how you can start freelancing, what to do and how you can make a living through it.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Name :
  • Layout : 7.5/10
  • Content Quality : 7/10
  • Traffic : 5/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 4/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : Although the blog was founded in 2012 but content is not much frequently updated.

Ali Qayyum (Pakistan)

ali qayyum

At Smashinghub, Ali mostly discusses stuff related to photography, designing and related to web developers, but i have seen him discuss on marketing side too, such as creative ways to market online etc.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link :
  • Layout : 8/10
  • Content Quality : 7.5/10
  • Traffic : 6.5/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 3/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 1 to 2 posts a month.

Salma Jafri

salma jafri blogger writer

Who doesn’t know her? She is a widely famous freelancer and blogger and copywriter. She holds a vast experience in copywriting and if you are going to start a writing career then no doubt, she should be one of your first teacher.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog link :
  • Layout : 6/10 [Too big font, header image is too big]
  • Content Quality : 7.5/10
  • Traffic : 5/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 2/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 1 to 2 posts a month.

Luqman Khan – A famous blogger and vlogger from quetta, pakistan

luqman khan blogger and vlogger from quetta pakistan

I know that not much people know about here but he is a gem. He is a great reader and so does a great writer. He mostly talks about self confidence and finding a purpose in your life.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link :
  • Layout : 9/10
  • Content Quality : 9/10
  • Traffic : 1/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 1/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : Less then 1 per month.

Fatima Wahab (Islamabad) – Best Female Blogger from Pakistan

fatima wahab addictive tips islamabad blogger pakistan

You might have seen very few females in this list, but when they come, they make sure that you feel their presence. Fatima has a great blog where she mostly talks about Tips and Tricks related to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs and Android.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog link :
  • Layout : 7.5/10
  • Content Quality : 8/10
  • Traffic : 9.5/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 4/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 10 posts a month.

Muhammad Umar Idrisi – Finest Pakistani Blogger

Muhammad Umar Idrisi

Umer mostly discuss stuff related to blogging, blogging tips and tricks, making money online and stuff related to digital marketing. I recommend everyone to follow him because he holds a great experience.

Blog Ratings [10 is best, 5 is average, 1 is worst]

  • Blog Link :
  • Layout : 7.5/10
  • Content Quality : 7/10
  • Traffic : 7/10
  • Visitor’s Engagement : 7/10
  • How much Frequently The Content is updated? : 5 Posts a week.

Without a doubt, Blogging has eventually became a popular online earning field. There are many people who try their luck in this field every day.

Other popular bloggers of Pakistan

These are popular and well known too but they are not frequent in updating content of their blog or do not have much traffic, though i wish them best of luck in their ventures.

  • M Tanveer Nandla – Dr. Web
  • Inaam Ul Haq Mansoor – Very close friend of mine too.
  • Waleed Najam –
  • Shahzaib shafi –
  • Flavors in Life by Marjan arbab
  • Muhammad Ahmad –
  • Hashim Nisar –
  • Muhammad Tabish [He is active blogger, I may add his separate section soon]
  • Husnain Murtaza –
  • Abdul Sammad Essani

Additional Resources & Frequently asked Questions on Blogging

Is blogging for me?

Blogging is a great way to share your thought, knowledge and research online. But blogging is for you or not is a question which you may need to answer on your own, as it requires commitment, consistency and not giving up.

Which blogger should i follow?

Depending on your niche, for example I talk mostly about digital marketing, brand building and business. So a blogger doesn’t cover all niches, choose a niche and find who is the best in it and just follow him/her.

Do Bloggers Really Get Paid For Blogging?

Bloggers do get paid for blogging but their prime focus should be to build an audience first because once they do, earning shouldn’t be an issue.

How can i make money from blogging?

There are literally 100’s of ways on how u can earn from blogging. Adsense is the first priority for majority of bloggers but there are several other programs which offers handsome income for bloggers. Checkout exclusive ways on how to earn from blogging.

How much time it takes to make money from blogging?

It typically depends on how often you write, how do u promote it and your current social media and email list following strategies. Do take an observation of above bloggers to get some idea, but in my point of view, it may take 3 to 6 months to start earning well from your blog.

How much does bloggers get paid for blogging?

Too wide question, there are certain things which needs to be assessed such as your niche, target market and your monetisation modules.

As per a survey of Lifehacker, 9% of bloggers make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month and 4% make over $10,000 a month. So it has huge potential to earn, provided you remain consistent.

Which niche should i pick for blogging?

Well well well, I recommend to follow your passion but if you are focused towards just making money you can opt for following niches

  • News Based Blog. [Most importantly news related to all Politicians, Generals & Business People.]
  • Current Affairs.
  • Entertainment [Can be celebrity gossips, movie or song reviews or reviewing different channels.]
  • Food blog
  • Travelling blog
  • Parenting blog
  • Relationship/Dating Advice
  • Sports Based Blog
  • Health & fitness blog
  • Fashion & Lifestyle.
  • Finance and Investment Niche
  • Money Making Niche
  • E-currencies.

I’m a Blogger from Pakistan, but my name is not listed?

The above list covers only the top and professional bloggers in Pakistan. If your blog gets decent traffic and you are trying to be an authority in your niche, do drop me a comment with your blog name or send me via contact page and I will look into it.

I want to become a famous Pakistani blogger, what to do?

If you want to become a famous blogger just like the above bloggers, there are multiple things you need to do:

  • Focus on 1 niche.
  • Be consistent with blogging.
  • Learn from your competitors.
  • Do networking with fellow bloggers.
  • Advertise/Promote your articles regularly.

Recommended Readings :

Conclusion on Top Best Pakistani Bloggers Community in 2024

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I have tried to discuss the portfolio of some of the best and finest bloggers living in Pakistan. This list of top pakistani bloggers are a source of inspiration to us. We can learn from them, follow them and take their advices to go ahead in our online and blogging career.

A part from blogging, they are also one of the top influencers in Pakistan to get the word out. Also they have represented Pakistan nationally and internationally on various platforms.

If you think some popular blogger is missing, please do comment here or reach me in inbox.

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    I’ve went through some big life changes this year. I’ll be getting back to blogging by early next year.

    Here is my Youtube channel if someone wants to check it out. 🙂

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  4. great stuff here i must want to add some more blogger and affilite marketer
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    please check all the above personailty thank you

  5. Thanks for sharing the detail of these legends. I think you have missed a Big name ” Tanveer Nandla ” in this list.

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    It is motivating for newbies like me. I have a question here that HISHAM SARWER is not in the list while he is also running a very successful blog and quite active as well?
    Please also write for some tips for newbies like me-:)

    1. Thanks Farhan for the appreciation.

      Btw, my name is Ali Raza. 🙂

      Hisham bhai is primarily known as a great and top freelancer of the country. I shall be taking an interview of him soon and will publish on my blog.

      I have mentioned few of posts to check for beginners, please check them and start learning. 🙂

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    The list is awesome and useful. I am one of the biggest fan of and Mustafa bhai’s blog. They all are the hero of the blogging arena, they Inspire and Prosper and leads the ways for the followers. I had personally met a few of them, they are down to earth, straight, and ready to help you in their time limited capacity.

    1. Jazakallah khair for such words, You are also doing great job for the community, I will add a detailed section of your’s in the next update, stay tuned.

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    You did a great analysis on Pakistani blogs. I most say your write up is great. it’s not always easy analysing and outlining out major bloggers.

    My regards.

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