3 Ways to Maximize Your Blog Growth without Spending a Dollar

Ways to Maximize Your Blog Growth without Spending a Dollar

Have you ever thought about how you could maximize your blog growth?

Of course, you have thought about this a thousand times because bloggers always keep an eye on the ways to grow their blogs. In fact, they keep on trying different methods and strategies to find out how they work for them.

Blog growth means more visitors, more pageviews, and more monetization opportunities. So it’s obvious that why a blogger would think about his or her blog growth. However, this is a wide topic, and different bloggers proceed to maximize their blog growth differently. And, there are no right or wrong methods to pull this off. You can try a number of things; something works for you and doesn’t work for other.

But the best part is that the methods I’m going to share with you are tested and widely adopted by digital marketing experts, social media analysts, and pro-bloggers around the world. One of the reasons is that a lot of people spend money on Facebook ads and Google ads to gain certain results, and not every one of them gets the desired output. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how you can grow your blog without spending a dollar.

Three Ways To Maximize Your Blog Growth

Here are three ways to maximize your blog growth:

Link Out to Other Bloggers and Brands

This is one of the best blog growth hacks & tips in today’s world. You’d notice that top bloggers always mention each other and highlight others’ content. They know this strategy, which is why they do it. Unfortunately, newbies and starters don’t focus on this strategy. Instead, they rival and compete against other bloggers. This is why most of them don’t get to the top and never become a part of the pro-bloggers squad.

But the point I’m trying to make is that you should link out to other relevant bloggers. What happens is that when you promote others, they reciprocate the favor, and it becomes a win-win situation for both the parties. When you do this, you become a relationship with other blogger because you’re doing a favor without asking for anything in return.

Now, let’s come to the technical side of linking out. What you should do is that build a list of relevant blogs and regularly follow their content. Once you write something relevant on your blog, try to link out to fellow bloggers’ content to add value to your content and readers. Not only do you help your readers, but you also help your fellow bloggers. When they’d do the same thing, you’d get to reach the new audience.

The same goes for the online brands. You can always mention the useful tools, brands, and websites that work in digital marketing space. Building a relationship with brands and websites is also necessary for your blog growth.

Please remember that don’t blindly link out to the content and websites. Instead, make sure that the content is good, valuable, and worthy of linking out. It must help the audience that is going to read it. Otherwise, it could backfire.

Repurpose Your Blog Content

Repurposing your content is one of the most underrated blog growth strategies. The majority of people don’t know about this. Whereas, the bloggers don’t even know about the power of repurposing the content. What repurposing the content means is that you produce one type of content, and use that to recreate a different type of content. So this means that the message remains the same, but the format gets changed. For example, once you write a blog post and publish it on your blog. What you can do next time that you take the blog post and use the key points of the blog post to create a deck to post to Slideshare or design an infographic to publish to Pinterest.

There are so much you can do with repurposing your content. All you need to know is that how great this works. A lot of brands are already doing this. They publish blog content, and then repurpose that content into videos for Facebook and YouTube, infographics for Pinterest, and Images for Instagram.

Just think about the quantity of content you can publish on various social media platforms if you start repurposing the content. The benefit of this strategy is that you gain more eyeballs, attention, and visitors. Therefore, you can leverage your content without spending any dollar on promotion and yet you receive more visitors and followers.

Guest Post on Relevant Blogs

Guest posting is one of the best ways to maximize your blog growth. If you have been blogging for over a decade, then you might remember that almost 6 to 7 years ago, guest posting was the hottest blogging strategy. But later on, it became irrelevant. The reason was that most people used to guest post for SEO juice. They didn’t care about any other benefits attached to the guest posting.

The guest posting demand tremendously went down after Google started rolling out updates like Panda, Penguin, HummingBird, which effected the search engine ranking at scale. After that bloggers retreated from guest posting and tried to do other things.

The reason I’m telling you to do guest posting is that you don’t have to do it for SEO or anything related to ranking your content. You need to do it for branding and online presence. When you’d guest post, you’d name would be seen by the new audience. If you manage to impress them or deliver value to that audience, chances are, you’d get some new followers or potential customers.

Don’t think about the next 20 visitors that you might instantly get once the guest post is published. Rather, think about the impact of a great guest post in the next four years. Nobody knows who see your guest post and what it may lead to.

So if you get a chance to guest post on any relevant blog, don’t waste that opportunity to build a connection with the blogger and his/her audience.

Your Part

I have shared three ways to maximize your blog growth. These strategies won’t be easy to pull off and they won’t immediately show results. But if you keep on trying and testing these strategies, you’d definitely get some positive results.

All you need to understand and learn the craft while testing these strategies.

Which one of these strategies do you like the most?

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