Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads 2024: How to Choose the Best One

facebook ads vs google ads

Have you ever thought about whether you should try Facebook ads or Google ads for your online advertising?

I bet you thought about it because as an entrepreneur and business owner, I also think about it.

The reason I think before making such an advertising decision is that both ad platforms are different. So I try to think it through before spending my dollars on online advertising. Once you read this blog post, you’d also be able to figure out whether a certain type of campaign is good for the Facebook ad platform or it could work better on Google ads.

You don’t have to be a certified digital marketer to figure this out.

Plus, I’m here to help guide you to make a better decision.

What I’m about to do is that I’ll be teaching you an online advertising technique that will help you choose whether you should use Facebook ads or Google ads for a specific campaign. This technique is based on criteria that will be based on a few points. All you need to do is compare your sales & marketing goals, and choose what seems suitable for your online marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads 2024

Here are the key elements to consider before choosing between Facebook ads and Google ads:

Goal You Have In Mind

The goal is essentially the main thing you must know before you start any type of online advertising. If you are not sure what your goal is, then it doesn’t matter whether you choose Google ads or Facebook ads. Even if you want to experiment with your online advertising, it would still come up as an important factor in online advertising success.

So, what type of goals can you set for your online advertising?

Here are three main types of goals most ad platforms have to offer:


When companies and individuals want to sell something, they go to the advertising platforms, and advertise their products to sell. They further go deep and try to analyze the cost per acquisition, which means the cost of getting a single customer through that campaign.


The second thing an advertiser may want is the lead generation. A lead is generated when a visitor or user finishes a given process or transaction. For example, if you advertised a landing page that offers a free ebook, and you want people to download that ebook by giving their names and email addresses. When a person fills the form and successfully submits both the things, it would eventually generate a lead.

Website Visitors:

The third most important goal an advertiser can set for his online advertising campaign is the website visitors. Online advertising is an important channel for generating website visitors after organic traffic and social media.

So sit down before randomly boosting your Facebook page’s post. The reason is that you must understand what the results of your advertising campaign would be and what essentially you need to make more money or to build a brand or to get more social media followers.

Type of Audience You Want to Reach

Once you have a goal in mind, the second thing you need to sort out is what type of audience you want to reach out to through your Online PPC Advertising Campaign. Facebook ads and Google ads may have similarities, for example, you can choose cost per click (CPC) model and compare the prices on both channels, but there is a major difference in both advertising platforms. And, the difference is regarding the intent of the user.

When a user uses Google, it mostly wants to search something, and it allows Google and advertiser to advertise through search ads, and with a couple of other options as well. On the flip side, when a user sign-in to the Facebook account, he/she wants to connect with friends and followers or wants to know what’s going on in the social circle.

So, an advertiser must figure out what type of audience he/she wants to capture, and here are three basic types of audience you can find through online advertising:

Social media followers:

Decide whether or not you’re looking for social media followers such as Facebook page fans or Twitter followers. If you want social followers, you don’t need to run Google ads to drive traffic to your website so that they could find your social media icons on the website and follow you from there. All you need is to create Facebook ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to make that happen.

Website Visitors:

You might want to get website visitors because you want to drive people to your website so that they could find out about your product or service, or buy your product or service because you’re offering a discount, then using Google ads makes sense. Even though you can still use Facebook ads to drive traffic to such an offer, but you need to sort out whether you can reach more people through search ads or social media ads.


One of the types of the audience is customers or buyers. You can find buyers through social media as well as search engines. It more or less depends on the nature of the business. You have to A/B test both search ads and social media ads to understand where you reach more buyers. However, if your target audience is likely to search your product or service, then you could prioritize Google ads, otherwise, Facebook ads could also work.

So pay close attention to the type of audience you want to reach before you choose between Google ads and Facebook ads.

Nature of Conversion You Need

I have talked about improving the conversion rate on your website in the past. You might have read my blog posts on conversion optimization. So I want you to understand that you should have a clear picture of the conversion you need from your online ads. So you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you need to acquire customers from ads? It means that you want to get customers from search engines, and PPC advertising such as Google ads could be a viable option for you.
  • Do you need to grow your YouTube channel? It means you, subscribers, on your YouTube channel. You can’t grow your YouTube subscribers if you promote a YouTube link through a Facebook ad campaign. Instead, you need to use Google ads and run a video ad campaign on YouTube. This way, if everything else goes right, you could grow your YouTube channel in a few days or weeks.
  • Do you need a Facebook page’s likes? If you need Facebook page likes, then you should opt for a Facebook ad and choose a campaign type that could grow the number of likes on your Facebook page and make it a brand.

So by understanding the nature of conversion, you could definitely improve your conversion rate as well as return-on-investment.

Do you know that you can also be called Digital Marketer, once you complete Google Ads Certification?


The reason I wrote this article is that I want you to be 100% aware of the advertising strategy you’re adopting. Online advertising doesn’t mean you’re throwing an arrow aimlessly and hoping that it would hit the mark. Instead, you have to be sure what you’re doing and what you could potentially achieve with this.

It’s true that no one can predict the exact outcome of online advertising. However, digital marketing experts achieve great results from their Facebook ads and Google ads just because they know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

So, the more you understand your “intent” and “target audience,” the better results you are likely to get.

Does this article make any difference in your understanding of Google ads vs. Facebook ads?

Let me know in the comments below.

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