Google Adwords Secret Guide – Top Questions, Tools & Tricks Revealed!

This article is going to be a complete Google Adwords Guide for Most of the major questions which usually people asks when they are running an Google Adwords Campaign.

Top Question & Answers Related to Your Google Adwords Campaign along with their answers!

Question : How to Start your Google Adwords Campaign?

Answer : The first thing in any marketing activity is write down your goals and objectives, without this your marketing activity is not going to help you.

Sample Goals & Objectives :

a) We are looking to Increase Brand Awareness for your product/service and looking forward to multiply our sales.

b) We are going to reduce our overall cost per acquisition on multiple channels, so we are looking to add Google Adwords to educate people on our Unique Competitive Edge

c) We are looking to reduce our current marketing costs by 30%, so thought to Adwords on our panel.

d) Our Current Adwords Account is costing us a lot, we are looking to define a new strategy to reduce our cpc as well our cost per acquisition costs.

e) We are going to introduce our product/brand/service in particular area’s and looking for Adwords to start with.

f) We have an offline business and we are looking for Google Adwords to start our advertising Campaigns.

These are just samples, in reality, it varies according to case to case, service to service, product to product and company to company. 🙂

Question : What is the best way to structure the account?

Answer : The best formula to structure the account is

Relevant Landing Page Link’s with small set of relevant ad group with relevant keywords. Check the below image.

adwords structure

Question : How to Track Competitors for Adwords Search Network?

Answer : I will recommend two tools

Semrush  (checkout my review) being cheap and best and it covers many countries for the price of one and the other is Spyfu


Question :  How to Track Competitors for Adwords Display Network?

Answer : is my favorite however you can also consider for

Question : What Is Best Advertisement?

An attractive advertisement has few simple rules to follow

a) Communicate with your audience

b) Delivers your message.

c) Have a Proper Call to Action with urgency

d) Deliver what your audience is looking for

e) Attractive and Eye Catching

f) Never ever over-do anything, because anything excessive is going to give you more negative image then positive, so stay away from exaggeration.

Question : How to do Keyword Research?

Answer : What I feel is, with SEO, people consider every relevant keyword as there targeted keyword however in Paid Advertising, since we are paying for each visitor to land onto our Page, I feel, those keywords where consumer buying cycle have finally decided to take an action should be chosen. Usually they are

  1. Buying Keywords
  2. Shopping Keywords
  3. Deal Promotional Keywords

Do not recommend bidding on competitors.

Question : Can You Define the Best landing page?

best landing page

Answer : I believe the best landing page is

a) Inform and Educate the visitor about your brand and product.

b) Deliver your targeted message

c) Show Your Authority and Educate How your Service/Product is going to help them

d) Have a Proper Call to Action – However anything excessive can hurt your brand image negatively.

e) Show’s Your Awards & Certifications

f) Case Studies & Real Examples where you show them how people took benefit from your product/service, I believe reviews are necessary to build a consumer trust in your brand, additionally it helps them to realize the benefits and they took there self in the consumer position and think how you are going to help them via those case studies.

Question : How to Improve Quality Score?

quality score

Answer : Easiest Way to do that is, Relevant Ad with Relevant Keyword & Relevant Landing page is going to give you a top notch Quality Score, However things have been changing and Google is continuously upgrading things, so i recommend to add all possible ad extensions you can do with your advertisement to further improve, but but but

FOCUS on User Experience, I’m testing it and believing that it does really makes a difference.

Question : How often do we need to create new ads & keywords?

Answer : With Marketing, Your struggle should never end, even if your campaign is generating 500% ROI for you, but even then you will need to keep on trying NEW things, so never be satisfied with what you have and keep testing new ads, keywords, markets and opportunities for your business. 🙂

never satisfied

Question : What are the best ways to track Paid traffic ?


Answer :

Varies according to your Goals and Objectives, if it’s a very simple and basic campaign, Adwords + Google Analytics will be fine, but if you are going to spend some time or working with an agency or an Adwords Specialist, spend some time discussing with him on the tracking because,

“If you cannot track, you can never increase”


I will recommend few softwares (Free & Paid)

a) Prosper 202 – A very good software, the free version have now some traffic limits, but it’s good to observe which keywords are converting for you, which display sites are selling your product/service or getting you leads but it’s not very good for observing user on page behavior, but it’s good, many companies are using it and i will recommend.

b) HotJar – Another good software, again some limitations for free version, but the paid version costs every penny, very good tool to observe the user on page behavior, they have a full recording of user sessions and there analysis can greatly help you to improve your user experience which ultimately leads to more sells and leads for your business.

c) – Working with Mobile Traffic or Affiliate Offers with custom landing pages? Then this software is for you, so many metrics and tools to deal with, however this awesome thing comes at a Price.

d) CPVlab – Another great tool, every one is working, however I haven’t got a chance to work with it, but it’s famous so i thought to mention it here.

Question : How to do A/B Testing and why it is necessary?


Answer : A/B testing is done to find and research on what strategy, advertisement, tools, landing pages, texts and other things are working for you, certainly not everything works for everyone and while one ad is converting well for your competitor it doesn’t necessarily means it’s going to convert well for you.

Some tools i will recommend people to work with

a) Optimizely – a very good specially if you have some pre-determined goals in your mind such as

Reducing on bounce rate

Optimizing sales/leads

Improve Signup rate

Increase downloads/subscriptions

Helpings improving CTR and other goals

b) Unbounce – also helps you with creating responsive pages.

c) Google Analytics Experiment – This tool even allows you to test 10 full versions of a single landing page to exactly determine, what set of buttons, tools, signup forms, lines and other things are working for you.

However one thing you need to keep in mind with A/B testing is to ‘Give time and be patient’ in order to find out the in-depth analysis.

Question : What are the best tools of re-marketing? and Why Re-marketing is necessary?

Answer : I have been speaking to various platforms on the importance of Re-Marketing as Consumer Buying Cycle takes time to make a decision and in certain products it takes a lot of times to think for your product and also i believe, it is better to focus on those people who know about your brand/product/service rather then finding new people every time for your advertising needs. 🙂

Best Tools I will Recommend for Re-Marketing :

a) Google Re-marketing list

b) Facebook Re-Marketing Pixel

c) Adroll – Re-Marketing

Question : How to Un-Suspend An Adwords Account? My Adwords Account was mistakenly suspended by Adwords team?

Answer :

There are many reasons Adwords may suspend your account however you can checkout my guide on Google Adwords Ads Suspended Account, it may gonna help you alot.

Question : Which hosting do you recommend for hosting landing pages for Google Adwords Campaign?

Answer : My vote goes with bluehost and there are many reasons for it. 🙂

Obviously, there is a lot more to say, a lot more tools to discuss and that too with in-depth research, however i hope this is enough for the time being but if you want to add something, don’t forget to add it via Comments Section! Good Luck and I hope you enjoy reading. 🙂

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Did i miss anything? Want to add something more? You are welcome to write in comments. 🙂

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