How to Market Your Service as a Freelancer (and Get Clients)

How to Market Your Service as a Freelancer

Are you a freelancer who is struggling to get clients? If you’re facing a problem in finding a good niche thats another story. But if you are looking for marketing your service online and want to know what works for freelancers that are successful, then this blog post has the answer. A lot of freelancers who struggle to win freelance projects on the platforms, they plan to optimize their profiles and bid details, while others who don’t work on the platforms think where they could find the freelance clients.

The good thing is that what I want to teach you will help both types of freelancers in their journey. See, freelancing where gives you a lot of benefits, it also comes with some challenges. And, one of those challenges is surely not getting clients. It could happen to anyone who is starting out whether on freelancing platforms or doing it independently. So every freelancer must learn to market their service and win new clients.

There is no rocket science involved in the process. All you have to do is start utilizing the resources available to you in different forms. I’ll be sharing some useful tips to start marketing your service digital or non digital. in unique yet simple ways to get clients.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

7 Ways To Market Your Service as a Freelancer

Here are seven strategies to market your service as a freelancer to make quick money and business:

Referral Marketing

referring people

Referral marketing is an old marketing technique but still everyone do it and get good results. Do you know that as per a research,  84% of B2B buyers start buying through referrals.

Even more, Majority of the buyers, close to 90%, are influenced by their friends and their network to make purchases

That’s why it’s all suggested to work on your old customers because they have a capability to do free marketing and bring new customers for you.

If you have a customer, utilise him or her to get new clients.

Use Social Media Wisely

What this means is that you might be spending a lot of time on social media to watch funny cat videos or to discuss politics. Well, if you want to cash in on social media to market your service, then set your priorities right as far as social media is concerned. Your number one should be to show up and communicate with people as a freelancer, which means help them out and try to solve their problems. Of course, there are so many things you would require to make that happen, for instance, finding the right groups or hashtags would be the starting point.

The next thing you should do is optimize your profiles, meaning, use the latest picture, write a proper bio, and put up a cool cover image with your picture and details on it.

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Thirdly, you don’t have to spend hours and hours on the things that don’t matter. Focus on your goals and use social media accordingly.

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Utilize the Power of Video

video marketing

If you start making videos online, it means you’re ahead of the majority of people in your niche. It puts you way ahead of your competition in freelancing because people are not comfortable in making videos, and if you somehow manage to make good videos and talking about stuff that you can do for them and why they should hire, then you’re the winner. You can definitely reach out to the new audience and meet your new clients. There is another reason why I’m so confident about this; social networks are paying a lot of attention to the videos.

Therefore, you have a better chance to grow and reach out to the audience than your competition. Also, try out live streaming; it does so much for the professionals who are doing business online or selling their services via social media. The video is everywhere now; you can do it on YouTube [Read : How to Start a Youtube Channel], Facebook, and Instagram.

Publish Content

multi tasker

Publishing content means you have to write articles and put them out there. I didn’t say “write your blog” because there is a reason behind that. If I’d say write your blog, it means that I’m saying just write your blog. What I’m saying is that start publishing content, and it means that you should publish content on different avenues.

Your blog is one of those avenues. Of course, your blog would be the most important one because it will help you grow as a brand. You can leverage your blog by solving the problems in your niche. Secondly, feel free to guest post on others’ blogs and try to help others’ audience, and in response, they’d start to connect with you. Thirdly, publish content on other platforms like Medium and LinkedIn Publishing. What it does is that it helps you attract new eyeballs.

Learn the Art of Making the Right CTAs

perfect CTA call to action

A click-through button (CTA) does an important job for you, whether it’s your author bio or about me page. If you’re not using the right CTAs, people won’t click on the hyperlinks or buttons on your blog, and thus, they would leave your blog without taking any specific action.

For example, if you are a freelancer, you must have a contact page on your blog or website, and it must be visible to everyone visiting your website or blog. Sometimes, the links to such pages are very short and go unnoticed. Make sure that you have a big fat menu or at least contact page button for your visitors to see.

On the other hands, CTAs are the anchor text written on the hyperlinks. What you should do is take your time in writing that text on your essential hyperlinks. A lot of freelancers tend to make a “hire me” to provide all the details of their freelancing work so that readers could easily click-through the button and go through all the information about their services.

7 CTA examples which are a must read for everyone.

Build Relationships Everywhere

build better relationships

It’s not just about the social media; you should be meeting people anywhere you see a chance of finding the people that might be interested in your service. Nowadays, there are plenty of meetups, seminars, and workshops happen. Keep an eye on those things and always take those chances of meeting people. It doesn’t matter you meet one person or ten on an event, what matters is that your presence and experience will help you along the way.

Sometimes, you end up meeting someone who could potentially forward your contact details to someone who needs a freelancer like you. So don’t underestimate the power of building relationships.

Word of Mouth Advertising :

follow referral word of mouth

Any freelancer that has grown his or her business will agree that word-of-mouth advertising is a very effective marketing strategy and has helped him/her in some way.

Do you know that 64% of marketing executives consider word-of-mouth to be the most effective form of marketing?

It’s not necessary that the person you are promoting a product or service will buy it, maybe he can refer it to some one else? After all, research indicates that 88% of people tend to purchase items recommended by friends and family. So consider it as this way too.

So attend events, participate in workshops, meet people, read books in library and just promote whatever you do to get the word out.


You won’t find any successful freelancer who doesn’t like helping people and building relationships with others. It’s part of the marketing strategy and every freelancer should know and understand it.

It’s true that getting clients sometimes becomes harder for some freelancers. It could be niche or maybe the wrong strategies, but normally it takes a couple of years to get going and landing some regular clients.

All you need is to apply these strategies and be consistent with your efforts. Good things will start to happen.

What else would you say to someone who is finding freelance clients?

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