How to Make an Extra $1000 Per Month

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)

Earning the money is everyone’s dream. And what if it is earned as an extra and that too, every month.

That is more of the gift, isn’t it? 🙂

I meant… Every single dollar earned is actually the blessing (or a gift) but so many folks end up earning just through the job and do not really care about earning the extra income.

Make $1000 Extra Per Month

Let’s do a little math over here…

And let’s ‘very’ suppose you are into a job…

The typical job (and most of the time) requires your 8 hours to 10 hours.

And then you are left with 14 to 16 more hours for rest of the day.

What do you do in the entirety of those 16 hours?

That is the question that you can only answer, and in charge to actually answer it.

I can just bring the math up and nothing else.

So, earning anything EXTRA out of the job, it can be ONLY DONE under the 16 hours time slot that you get after 8 hours invested over your job, every day.

How come you can earn an extra $1,000 a month?

Well, that is feasible to earn in a month with investing your extra hours that you get after the job.

And is achievable through the multiple earning streams that can be worked as the part time.

So, are you ready to look over the list of the best earning streams to make an extra $1,000 a month?

Here are popular method of earning extra money.

Online Surveys

making money survey

The first thing that hits the table when it comes to earn something extra from the online properties, and it is called the online surveys.

Just take part in the surveys and answer them.

And then what?

Of course, get paid for your time. 🙂

Join the following good-paying survey websites to enjoy earning the extra cash;

Do you know that Companies Required to do Market Research. And To Save time and money, many companies are turning to Online market Research. As an incentive for consumers to fill out online surveys, companies offer them incentive monetary rewards..

Let’s enjoy earning the good extra money every month!

Create a blog


Before jumping over the details about creating a blog for the purpose of earning some extra every month. Please, understand a sound fact about creating a blog…


It is one hard job to make it a success. But the success is guaranteed by investing the good hours everyday, networking, and providing just the value to the community.

It requires some good continuous effort spanned to months before you start noticing the monetary values.

And when you do, it would not stop generating as long as you want it to keep generating for.

For to start your own blog, let’s reference to the following pieces where I covered the same topic;

These four blog posts will trim down so many questions that could be popping around your head in regard to starting a blog for making an extra $1,000 a month (or way more than $1,000!)

Hit the freelance writing gigs

content writing make money

The one hottest-ever job anyone could find is the content writing.

And doing it as the freelancing mode, you can easily control your working hours due to you are not bound and fixed into any certain type of the content.

All you have to do is to just head over the freelancing websites and hunt for the writing gigs/opportunities.

For that, consult these few popular freelancing websites:

Also, you can get the writing work off the social media sites.


Does it sound too easy?

Like going to the freelancing websites or aks the social media to get all of the work.

Nope, it is NOT really so easy as it really sounds.

You will have to build your name + network + portfolio to attract the writing work.

And not just this, but a creative and unique writing style to adopt for yourself to win the hearts’ of your clients.

Yup, do this and you are all set to earn at least $1,000 every month and even more.

Or whatnot? This may easily replace your current job to do your own content writing stuff for the full-time!

Sniff out all of my blog to see how is the writing tone that you can observe.

As well as… Take these few bloggers to understand how the professional content writing is done!

4- Test the websites

user testing

Testing the website is not just a normal task for the masses but it can help you to earn some good as well.

Many people pay for the testers to thoroughly test out their websites because the eyes of the general people who are not involved in developing the websites, can easily pick up the visible mistakes that could be blinded from the developers.

And these much of the websites can get you paid for testing what?

The websites!


  1. UserTesting
  2. TestingTIme
  3. Enroll
  4. UserFeel
  5. UserLytics
  6. What Users Do
  7. Validately

Check out these 7/seven websites and get paid good after testing each and every website.

5- Become the transcriptionist… and onlinetranscriptionist

It is the fun job.

You will require to hear to the audio files and the videos too.

Take the voice and transform them into the words/texts.

So… Anything from the podcasts, interviews, videos, audios, and everything can be transcribed.

And just the little bit of the peripherals you will require such as;

  • An earphone
  • Good internet
  • Microsoft Word
  • And a bit of this and that

These websites will stream you towards the transcription jobs that you can do as the freelancer;

6- Run your car for Lyft/Uber/Careem


That is the one hot job (part-time) for most who own the car for making extra money on side.

Let’s get it connected with Lyft, Uber, and Careem, whichever is available in your town.

One best source to earn the good extra money every month.

But first, what you really need to do is what you have?

The car.

And when you want to mostly run it for? The weekend?

Then you do NOT need just a car. You actually need a bigger car.

So… before jumping on the bandwagon to join these ride-hailing services as the driver, must understand the differences, your choices, and what markets need from the driver by actually using the service for sometime yourself.

And when you have your studies done, you are definitely on the right track to do great within the extra!

7- Conduct the garage sale


As the winter has just recently crossed the finish line and you have made up the yearly cleanup of your home.

You must have some extra, some items that are useless for you right now.

And as the summer is fast approaching.

Then why not conduct a garage sale right from your own garage to sell off the items that are unwanted by yourself?

Your neighbours would definitely take interest in buying ‘em all! 🙂

8- Buy and sell cell phones on eBay

Many people do know the eBay to buy the right kind of items off the internet.

And literally, you can buy the golden pieces (in the price) that you cannot find from your own town.

But why I said to buy wherever we have the intention of selling and earning the extra?

Because… Your first have to buy off some good second-hand cell phones, okay?

See they are not entirely (or partially) broken in case if you cannot fix the issues.

If you can, then that is the best thing. If not, let’s try to find a cell phone that is in operational mode but have some signs of worn outs where they can be treated by polishing and rubbing.

I still urge you to not buy the cell phone that is completely or partially dead.

So the eBay’s process works in the following format for trading off the cell phones;


  • Buy it.
  • Receive it.
  • Clean it.
  • Relist it.
  • Package it.
  • And ship it to the buyer.


This easy to go with the eBay to earn the good extra money every single month.

9- Do the Forex/Stock trading


It is risky… I must state it in the very beginning.

And there is a thing to be very cautious of…

Invest the money that you do not need.

I meant the extra money which if in case is lost, that will not bring a heart attack to you.

Forex and stock trading may get you earn a good amount even within a day time.

But you must have to have the proper and adequate level of the information about what is happening around the forex and stock market and how to proceed.

Again… Invest your extra money to earn some extra.

10- Teach English language online


Not an easy job though.

And it does not suffice with knowing a little bit of the English language where you can just hardly speak to represent what you really need.

It has to be full-gripped, and the native-alike skill to speak into the English language.

And for earning something extra, you only need the part-time and online-based English teaching jobs.

Now… How to get the real online-based English language teaching jobs?

Let’s go no further to find them out but head over to these few websites!


11- Babysit

Babysit tops the chart in the developed countries where the both of the parent, mom and dad, have to work and they want to leave behind their children to the people who provide the services of babysitting.

With babysitting and it is mostly preferred by the ladies in house to attend the children and care-take them for a few hours everyday.

For finding the babysitting jobs, you can avail the chance from the online world as well as get it heard by the people in town using the offline modes such as spreading this news around your neighbour and inform your friends/relatives that you are up for this job.

12- Mow the lawns

With the summer nearly reaching near to us, the greenery is taking shape and the need to keep the gardens in shape is the real task not everyone can afford to complete — by giving in their time.

So, the landlord does enjoy the services of mowing the lawns by the people they know.

Yes, you, as mow their lawns and they can totally rely on you.

Though it could be the professional company’s job but people do not entirely mind having it done by the folks they know from their neighbourhoods.

Then if you are up for this job, do use your neighbours as winning your lawns’ mowing jobs to earn the good extra money.

13- Be a part of Amazon Mechanical Turk

AMTurk or (Amazon Mechanical Turk) is the new entrant into the world of microtasking jobs.

And or the extra earning, it is the great platform to join where you can enroll to thousands of micro-jobs posts on AMTurk.

From articles writing to transcriptioning to submitting the surveys — you can easily find the micro-jobs according to your taste.

Be present over there and grab the best job for yourself!

Reading : How to Make Money with Amazon 

14- Sell your unwanted stuff online

Just like buying and selling the cell phones through eBay, you can repeat the same (skip the buying) to sell off your unwanted stuff using eBay.

Oh no… Not just eBay but you can sell your physical unwanted products through the following websites;


Take anything from your store for example, furniture, wardrobe, toys, bicycle, generator, and etc.

They does not have to be new but sell as per their look and operational stages.

15- Rent your space with Airbnb

make fast cash online with airbnb

Only hotels are meant to provide the rooms to the travellers?

Now, you can do with yours as well and without doing much of the marketing.

Just signup using Airbnb and list your extra space out of your house to earn some extra.

Anywhere you live, make the extra portion of your property to let you earn the extra.

Take an extra room that has the attached bathroom (at least and recommended) to rent out using the Airbnb.You can rent your room (or rooms) from one day to multiple days and can select the guests’ number.

But what you have to put a lot of focus over the certain part of renting out that will fletch the interest (if you are found into the competitive city), which is to provide as much of the freebies as you can afford to.

From free wi-fi to shampoos, towels, soups, breakfast, chit-chats, cleanup, and more. 🙂 So, be ready to answer out every single queries that you receive and host the friendliest guests!

16- Rent out your car

Renting out the car means you will not have access to the car anymore unless the contract runs out.

In many countries, it is the common practice where people just send away their cars to the companies which they are liable to use their cars for any purpose they deem fit.

So… I know that cannot be done if you got just one car in your home and you need it for your daily chores.

But… You can do it with the extra vehicle to earn extra from.

You can rent out your to the corporate sector, travel agencies, to the car rentals, and more.

I think you have gotten the idea! 🙂

17- Deliver the grocery

And that means you work as the delivery driver under the on-demand mode.

That means you have to be present on the site ready to deliver the groceries when the call comes in.

These following companies can best hire you for delivering the groceries on the doorsteps of the customers.


From car, to scooter, to bike, to even a simple walk can include in your delivery methods.

Consume your extra time to earn the good extra amount using the delivering of groceries and the food items to the customers.

The Reason Why I wanted to Write This Article :

Although I’m a Digital Marketer who primarily focuses on Digital Mediums and Skills. So you must be wondering why I haven’t written this article?

  • If you are a student with heavy loans and looking for quick ways for income generation.
  • If you are a student and looking to have your own recognition which is why you are thinking to start your own.
  • Have huge expenses and looking for different streams of income as Part Time/Side Jobs.
  • If you are a married couple and looking for extra savings.
“There are no downsides to a side hustle. There are only benefits to building more than one source of income.” — Forbes

Frequently Asked Questions on Making Extra $1000 per month

Oh, $1,000 is NOT possible. Do you think Is it a wrong mind set?

Most of us only dream about making a 6 or 7 figure income a year, but the reality is that most of us would be equally chuffed to make just another $1,000 each month. Yes it’s POSSIBLE.

How can I make $1000 at home?

Consider opting for any of the above ways to start making extra money from home. Blogging and Freelancing seems very popular to start.

How to Make $1000 Per Month Fast?

Freelancing is, I believe one of the fastest ways to start your journey towards earning $1000 Extra per month.

Is Instagram Influencing is a good way to make an extra 1000 a month?

Earning Money from Instagram is a huge trend now a days with people earning huge extra income every month part time.

Additional Readings

Conclusion on How to Make an extra 1000 a month 2019

Now we are finally at the conclusion part of this content…

But that is not just it.

You are given with the 17/seventeen methods to earn extra, the exact $1,000 or way more than just $1,000 per month for How to earn extra money on the side.

Whatever you do, you always have time to do something extra.

So… Rather than wasting your extra hours, why not earn for 2-3 extra hours, everyday?

Believe me, you will love it!

And that extra $1,000 can really help you in closing the expenses.

So, let’s get started to earn an extra $1,000 a month!

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    why are you misleading people about surveys? all sites you mentioned give surveys and pay money to American citizens

  2. Asalam-o-alaikuM!

    A wonderful list of the sources to earn handsome of an extra monthly income! 🙂

    Believe me, more of the people down here think once they are done with the job they are done with the earning AND try so hard to let their job’s income to suffice with their needs.

    Or better say, they try to stay within the net of their job’s income.

    But… More and better can be done to make some extra or who knows if that source to make the extra becomes the full-timer in the future?

    Thanks for that! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  3. The payment method for online survey websites is PayPal which is not available in Pakistan. How to earn from online survey filling websites in Pakistan.

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