How to Drive Blog Traffic from Facebook (Without Spamming)

Drive Blog Traffic from Facebook (Without Spamming)

Do you want to drive blog traffic from Facebook?


You can do that.

I’ll tell you exactly how a lot of people are doing it.

But it won’t work for you if:

  • You’re afraid of putting yourself out there through a video
  • Can’t spare a couple of minutes to write a few lines
  • Aren’t interested in helping people out

I’m sure all of the above-mentioned things are not the issue.


So I’m going to be sharing with you some blog traffic tactics that will help you drive visitors through Facebook.

Share Articles with Authoritative Descriptions

Do you feel no one responds when you share your articles on Facebook? The reason maybe is that you simply paste your URL and post it. It’s difficult to attract people they don’t see any value upfront. Instead of doing that, you can write a few lines description and help people understand what this article is about. So that it becomes easier for them to click-through and read it.

You don’t need to write a 1,000 words description for your article. In fact, 3 to 4 lines would do the job. So don’t overthink about the length of your description. Make sure you write to-the-point description regardless of the length.

My last post on Facebook about How to Market Your Business on Facebook Without Investment was a hit. Wondering if you like to read and comment on it?

Reveal one of the Points of the Article in a Video

Make a short video about the most interesting part of the article and share it on Facebook. What happens is that people get attracted to the video. Furthermore, when your friends and followers would see your face on the screen, they’d be curious to know what’s going on and what you want to do. They would likely click on your video as soon as they see it.

Now, it’s up to you what you say in the video. Don’t be nervous about the video or the content of the video. All you need is to describe the problem you had in your mind when you started writing that article and explanation of the points from the solution in the article. But remember that call-to-action is necessary for the short video; make sure that you refer people to read the article for more steps or the complete detail. Similarly, don’t forget to mention the link to your article in the video description.

Go Live and Explain Why People Should Check Out the Article

First of all, Facebook puts the live video on top of everything. The reason is that live video means people are sticking to the platform and consuming content. This means more engagement, more revenues, and more attention. Therefore, it’s necessary to leverage whatever the platform prioritizes.

How can you leverage live video? You might wonder. So let me explain this: once you have published the article, the next thing you could do is go live on Facebook and write an attractive headline for the live stream to make sure that people want to hear you. So do pretty much the same thing you would do while uploading a short video on Facebook.

Just sell the article by giving a small hint about the content, especially what difference it could make in the readers’ lives. Don’t sit down for a long time, avoid breaks, and other pauses — simply stick to the business. People don’t like it when you start something and keep on delaying it; they don’t just leave the live video, but also avoid watching you live the next time you go live.

Find Discussions Regarding Your Article’s Topic and Contribute

One of the most under-utilized tools by bloggers and digital marketing experts on Facebook in the search section. You’d hardly find anyone recommending to use the search feature on Facebook to look up discussions regarding your niche.

Start with searching for the problems that your article is going to solve. What I mean by contributing to the topics is that you could join in the discussions that come up as a result of the search. Try to help out the people and don’t focus much on sharing your link; just share the link on your profile instead. If you spam others’ groups and profiles, but rather help them out without any expectations, they’d surely check out your profile and hence found your article there.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to share the link, otherwise, it becomes hard to explain what you want to convey, then go ahead and share the link. Make sure that it doesn’t sound like you are here to spam the group or page or profile.

Share the Article and Tag Your Friends (with their Permission)

Tagging on Facebook is often taken as annoying by Facebook users. However, you can ask for permission from your friends, followers, and relatives. If they agree, then simply create a list of people that agreed to be tagged in the content you share in the future.

The next thing you might want to do is select the list to share your article or just tag them in the public post. I’d notify them to check that post out. It’d allow you to drive some extra traffic to your blog. The mistake people make is that they don’t ask for permission, which results in getting unfriended or unfollowed on Facebook. When you ask for permission, it simply stands you out from the crowd, and the friends and followers feel happy about it.

Relevant Articles

Your Turn

I have shared five ways to drive more traffic to your blog without spamming others’ groups and profiles on Facebook.

We all have seen people sharing articles on Facebook that get two likes — some even don’t get a single like.

The number of likes doesn’t matter, but what matters is that people are not paying attention despite looking at your content.

I tried to fix this problem for you.

Once you start utilizing the strategies I shared, you’d see an increase in the likes, comments, and shares on Facebook.

Now, it’s your turn to ask a question regarding Facebook engagement or anything else regarding this platform.

Feel free to ask it in the comments section.

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