Failing to Make Money Online from Blogging?

Failing to Make Money Online Blogging

Do you think that Blogging sucks right and its a failed method to earn?

It’s no surprise that most of the bloggers start their own blog and don’t make and earn money online from blogging for many reasons. In this article, I’m going to discuss what they can do to start making money from their blogs. A common approach to money-making blogging is that whenever someone starts the blog, all they require is a Google Adsense account to make money online.

But that isn’t TRUE!

Many newbie bloggers struggle right at the beginning of their blogging careers to get an Adsense account, and when they fail in getting that, they either quit or look out for shortcuts to make money.

If you could do a little survey of newbie bloggers who aren’t making money yet, ask them about their monetisation plans; the majority of them would be trying to make money with Google Adsense.

I want to address that you can make money without Google Adsense and Ads. The reason is that you can’t earn much with Google Adsense because you won’t have much traffic in the beginning. So it’s almost impossible to make a living with Adsense or any other PPC network if you’re starting out.

Let’s take a look at some options that you every newbie blogger should consider to make money blogging:



Don’t think that your blog is a cow that you can milk right away; in fact, you can make money with the help of your blog while leveraging the power and impact of your blog. Freelancing is a great example of it; you can use your blog to market yourself as a freelancer and help out people using various opportunities on the blog. Just tell people what you do and what you can do for them.

Check my guide on how to start freelancing.

What people think about freelancing is that it requires joining a certain platform and then you must bid to get a project if you win the project, then you work and earn money. The alternative approach is that don’t rely on a platform but rather try to market yourself on your blog and get hired through your blog to make money. The important aspect of using this method is that one must be very clear about his/her capacity and strength. Otherwise, the wrong selection of the service won’t help in freelancing.



If you have started doing blogging, but If you can’t earn from freelancing, then the next option is consultancy. You might not need to find freelancing clients everywhere, but it doesn’t mean you would not have to market your service. Consultancy is an expert-level strategy, which could be an hour long call with a client that is worth $200. It depends on your niche and expertise. People are doing consultancy and coaching in blogging, website launching, social media, live streaming, YouTube career development, and more. The opportunities to sell your consultancy are vast, and all it requires is a mindset and ability to get it done.

Paid Webinars

A lot of bloggers just make money with blogging by selling their paid webinars. They blog to help out audience and building their readership. They offer their paid webinars yearly or quarterly to make money. It could be a great monetization tool if you are sure about this, meaning, you have something important and useful to share with the audience, and the audience wants to learn that from you. It does require a long-lasting relationship with the audience. If you just started blogging, you can’t sell paid webinars to the new faces who don’t even know you.

jonloomer workshop

Jonloomer is a great example of this, because he earns good through his workshops and webinars.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing make money without investment or paying anything

Affiliate marketing is a commission based money-making strategy in which bloggers or marketers promote products of others and earn commission on the sales. If you aren’t making money with Adsense, then try out affiliate marketing. It could turn things around for you, even if you’re a blogging beginner. The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is that you must be promoting the products that you personally use. Otherwise, people won’t trust the products that you’re trying to promote.

There are handsome number of bloggers who earns decent income through Affiliate marketing, for instance I discussed the story of Michelle in my Affiliate marketing guide, She earns more then $100,000 from affiliate income.

Are you short of budget and want to earn quickly online? read my article on How to Make Money Online without paying anything or investment

Niche Sites

find your niche

A lot of bloggers make money online with niche sites. A niche site is a specific website or a blog that is designed around a certain product, topic, or event. It might not contain hundreds or pages or blog posts, but it targets the specific audience and helps educate them on that subject. Most niche sites are being monetized through affiliate products or own products such as ebooks or courses or paid webinars. The idea of a niche site revolves around getting the targeted traffic. It might not attract thousands of visitors every month, but it could possibly bring in buyers of that product or service.


Money-making blogging isn’t a myth. If you’re one of those people who hasn’t made money with blogging or doesn’t know much about it, then don’t worry about it. You’ll make money if you figure out a way to use your abilities and strengths in blogging.

One more important thing is that nobody makes money in blogging quickly; everyone works, fails, and then finally gets something out of it. Don’t think that you started blogging a year ago and you should be making a thousand dollars every month. Just see what you have learned so far and try to learn more because learning never stops.

If you get demotivated ever, checkout my article, How To Keep Yourself Motivated While Doing Blogging.

What would you do after reading this blog post about money making blogging?

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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.


  1. Thanks , sir Ali Raza ,
    i as newbie also facing same problem . There is a problem with new bloggers that they want to make money instantly but in real world its not so . First of All we should work hard to give quality content and focus to get traffic , because traffic is real money , More you have traffic there are more chance to earn.
    advise to new bloggers is to focus on getting traffic and producing quality content instead of running behind money .

  2. Hello Ali Sir

    I have three blogs and I was also trying to earn money behind my blogs. So far, not sure but they are not getting traffic so much but I am trying to get relevant traffic. Your article explained what actually it is and how it works. I feel, before start blogging, at least there should be some research and then jump to do something. Thank you so much for publishing this great contents.

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