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How to Start Your Blogging Career in 2020?

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2020)

If you haven’t started your blogging career so far then probably it’s the right time to think about starting your blogging career in 2020. We often plan things and put them on our new year resolution list and then we forget it. As 2020 is around the corner and it’s the best time to plan your blogging career if you haven’t been able to design the strategy, so that when the May 2020 comes your way, you’d be fully prepared to take action.

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Oh, you don’t believe in distractions?

Come on. It’s a thing.

Even WordPress knows this. They’ve created a distraction-free mode in WordPress.

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You probably have heard a lot about installing your WordPress blog, choosing the right theme, buying the best web hosting, and using the premium plugins…

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Everybody knows this.

And, I don’t want to waste your time on this and I want to move forward a bit. So that I could deliver something valuable if you’re really looking forward to starting your blogging career in 2020.

Do you know what is the meaning of this commitment?

It means you’re going to start a blog and want to make money from it, which means you would have to start it professionally and the goal would be to turn into a pro-blogger someday. If you’re just looking to starting a blog for fun then my friend you shouldn’t be reading this…

Because this tutorial is for serious bloggers only who want to build a blogging career in 2020.

I just wanted to clarify all that.

Let start this.

Take a look at the steps of starting your blogging career in 2020:

So What You Will Learn In This Article?

  • Importance of Passion When It comes to Blogging?
  • How to Understand and Pick Your Target Audience for your Blog?
  • How to Write to Solve Problems?
  • Importance of Social Media : Don’t Get Socially Isolated
  • Forget Income, Focus Subscribers and then thinking About Monetization at the End
  • Conclusion


How to Start Your Blogging Career in 2020

1) Start with something you’re passionate about

It all comes down to your PASSION. Trust me, choosing a niche is the most critical decision in a blogger’s journey.  If you start a blog and choose a niche because your friend chose the same niche and you think that’ll work for you as well, then it won’t work until you’re passionate about it.


Ask yourself. Do you have a better option?

Newbie bloggers often start two types of blogs?

  1. Blogs on Android
  2. Blogs on Blogging tips


Because they’ve seen people doing the same thing. So they start doing the same.

They should ask themselves the questions like:

  • Am I passionate about this niche?
  • Is it really for me?
  • Will I be able to contribute in this niche?
  • Could I really help people on this topic?

Don’t look at others and copy them. Find your passion and follow it.

In case, you’re unable to figure out your passion yet then the best way to get started is that start analyzing niches you’re interested in and make a list of 5 niches and drop three least favorites and when two of them are remaining, ask yourself which one could possibly bore you in the future. Don’t ask yourself the favorite one. It’s always difficult to pick up the favorite one. So, reverse engineer the strategy and try to pick the less-favorite to drop it. You’ll definitely find your favorite blogging niche.

2) – Understand and Pick Your Target Audience

reliable audience

This is essential to do. You may easily pick your niche and could start writing a blog but understanding the audience means you know WHO YOU ARE REACHING OUT. This could change the way you would blog and write content for them.

It’s almost like blogging pointlessly vs. well-targeted.

It does make a difference in blogging especially when you have to build a blogging career.

It’s a two-part strategy:

Understanding the Audience

You must know who should be your audience, instead of blindly start focusing on the blog writing. It does impact on everything such as affiliates, sales funnels, conversion, and any strategy you adopt later on to grow your email list and following. For instance, if you’re a pets enthusiast and wants to make a dogs blog but you’re passionate about Labrador Retrievers and want to focus on the labs breed only. That would be a fantastic strategy to adopt. Because you know that you have to reach out to the labradors’ owners only.

Pick up the Target Audience

In part two of this strategy, you have to figure out who should be looking at your content to get help or assistance. It will only be possible if you clearly know who to target and what to do about it. For instance, as a dog lover, you might want cover lots of dog breeds on your blog but you decide to stick to your favorite Labrador Retriever breed to focus mainly on that. You actually make a choice of making a labs’ related blog rather than dogs related blog. Because a dog related blog would be a general dog blog.

It’s extremely important to understand and pick up the audience to target.

This is how you’ll effectively solve the problems as well as get your hands on monetization strategies that would come your way.

3) – Write to Solve Problems

Writing is one of the essentials of blogging and a well-written content is something that fascinates the readers. But this isn’t simple at all. The content creation isn’t all about writing the good content and that’s it.

In fact, what makes the content good enough? Grammar? Problem-solving ability? Engagement?

Not sure?

This is why it’s not so simple to describe what makes a content good enough to tag it well-written.

In order to understand the good content, it must be:

  • Giving a Clear Message: This means some bloggers are not so good with their teaching or sharing ideas. They just make the simple thing a little complex while delivering the message. So, make your message simple and clear.
  • Grammatically Correct: The grammar issue shouldn’t be there. Nobody likes to read the content and ignore the grammar mistakes other than your father. So don’t make grammar mistakes.
  • Solving the Issue: If everything works fine and the content isn’t solving the problem or not providing any useful thing, then it’s not worth it. It must solve a problem.

When you take care of those three things while writing your content, you would definitely end up creating something useful for the audience.

There is a misconception of creating MORE.

So, don’t focus on writing so many blog posts but rather try to create less with the effective approach in mind.

4) – Don’t Get Socially Isolated

dont be socially isolated

There is a bad practice among the newbie bloggers that they think social media is for sharing the content. They come over, share their content, and leave. This is the worst social media strategy. Nobody is there to read your content if you don’t stay there. (By the way, staying refers to spending time and engaging with others not spending hours and hours every day and watching funny videos on Facebook)…

The social media strategy must involve sharing your content but you shouldn’t limit your sharing to your content only. If you observe the influencers in your space, you will see they share other’s content more than their own. The reason is that they get to engage their audience through that sharing, in fact, they also build relations with others when they share their content. The social media sharing isn’t about just sharing your own blog posts.

Are you worried about your social media sharing?

When did you last time share someone else’s content on Twitter and Facebook?

In fact, you can schedule the posts using Buffer or Hootsuite.

Your blogging strategy 2020 shouldn’t be without a proper social media plan. Because you can’t win here alone. You have to have some support of fellow bloggers, influencers, and loyal subscribers to get there where you want to reach.

If you’re beginning the journey in 2020, then it is important to know that no one won here on this his or her own. Make sure you learn how to be a good team player.

When it comes to social media, newbie bloggers think that they have to be everywhere. So they begin to start using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube at the same time.


They fail everywhere.

You don’t have to do that. Instead, pick a couple of social media platforms and become an authority there rather than jumping everywhere around.

It’s quite necessary to pick your social platform according to your business. If you’re in digital marketing, you must be on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you’re into fashion, you must be on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you’re in news media or publishing, then you must be on Facebook and Twitter.

Once you choose the right platforms the next job is to build a community there rather than considering these networks as content sharing machines. Try to build relations and give your time to them. Value people and you’ll start to see the traction on your select number of social media platforms.

5) Think About Monetization at the End

I have been SPEAKING this at various events and will continue to do so, Yes, Monetization is important, but Don’t focus it in the beginning. Because if you do, you would clearly give a message that you just want to make money from your blogging and trust me this isn’t good. You don’t have to say that you want to help others and you’re passionate about the true essence of blogging, instead, you have to show it practically by doing it.

Have you noticed something?

I’ve talked about the monetization at the end of the article?


think big

Because I didn’t want you to go straight to the monetization part.

You want to start blogging in 2020!

Let me tell you, it won’t be easy…

Focus Subscribers, Forget Income..

If you don’t come up with a great plan that serves the audience first, you won’t be able to attract the readers and that would never be a good option.

Don’t panic about monetization.

Everyone knows about the Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Guide

The point is how to use these strategies and win.

You should keep trying different monetization strategies. Don’t stick to just one. Maybe, your blog has more potential if you move to the other strategy or tweak your money-making plan.

Most of the newbie bloggers dream about getting a Google Adsense account and they think that money making blogging belongs to this network or generally PPC only. In fact, this isn’t true. You can make money with anything convincing that you may have.

If you think your 1-hour consultancy Skype call is worth $100

Prove it. Get clients. Make Money.

If you think you can do freelancing and get the clients through your blog, do it.

If you think you’re good at creating gigs, go to Fiverr and start doing it.

Blogging career doesn’t have to be around a PPC or an affiliate marketing program.

The more you expand your monetization plan, the more you stumble upon the opportunities.

Conclusion on Starting Your Blogging Career

The plan was to give you a different perspective on blogging career development.

It begins with finding your passion and ends at the finding something solid to sell out.

The middle part is what we call it hustle, effort, and authority.

Don’t look back once you start your blogging career.

It won’t be easy but everything you would do in this pursuit is worth it.

Will you start your blogging career in 2020?

About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.

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