How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (2024)

how to make money with affiliate marketing

It is so easy to read the 2-words long sentence in a one and single go which and that is “How to Make money with Affiliate Marketing” but Do you exactly know what does it mean? What really means the affiliate marketing and earning through it? It is no different than owning a business, the real business which is actually based into the virtual world.

For those who don’t know, Affiliate marketing is a procedure to sale other people’s product or services in exchange of a fixed one time or monthly recurring commission.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2024

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money online for those who want to make an income from web. People went from making $100 a month doing freelancing to $20,000 per month doing affiliate marketing and earning through it. Without a doubt, Affiliate marketing is a next level thing.


Some people learn at later part of life regarding Affiliate marketing benefits while some people jump early and earn quickly. I’m not saying that other methods do not work well but every method and techniques differently.

Affiliate marketing does require the same effort as the real and visible business needs.

All the commitments, all the hard work, and all the smart acts will be equally required to take it to a level, the good certain level of the success.

And to make the money out of the affiliate marketing, you really have to take it so much serious, as the only real business that you will work on no matter you got help during the initial stages or not.


Before working on How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, Let’s discuss on Why.

Why make money with the affiliate marketing

This WHY word is the NO-to-hear statement because not a single person in the world would deny the want and, of course, the need of the money.

Everyone needs the money to be flowing in to their pockets.

And for the internet savvy, affiliate marketing is the good choice to get onboard to earn a good cash and to build the complete career — and that too right from his (or her) home.

Something about earning through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can make you some good money, the lots of hefty money, and the big chunk of money, but based upon how you work over it.

If you want to play a slow game with it, it will definitely be not going to work for you.

It is the hard-paced system which will actually require some money from you right from the start.

You need tools, a good domain, a neat and look-y theme, the good web host, and much more — depends only upon you how good and expensive ingredients you want to get started with.

No matter you are just the starter, intermediate, or the already pro. in affiliate marketing — you gotta be looking and working just like an expert.

The complete expert who knows his (or her) edge and the curve.

Affiliate marketing is the game of psychology. Your content should always be convincing to actually convert your visitors to buy what you have up for the sale.

This game is all about reaching out to the right audience (the viewers/visitors) and convince them.

But not to convince in the sense that you are just forcing them to buy BUT prove that how effective the product will be for them when they buy it from you.

And you know the every tit and bit of that product — the every inch of the details you only know about it.


Source : TheBalancesMb

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2024

Fair enough, now let’s talk about how you can make the most out of affiliate marketing.

How to Get Started with Making Money on Affiliate Programs

The real thing of the affiliate marketing is to find out how you can make the money through it.

Affiliate marketing is the name of the system, and you have to follow this system the systematically.

From its start to the finish, there is the process you will have to first define to actually stick to for the long run.

This process (depending upon you) may consist upon many steps that you will follow as you go.

Let me then start with this HOW thing… And the first HOWs are to actually let you get started with the system first and NOT to hop you over the money part right from the beginning;

  • Find out your niche first
  • Domain name + web hosting
  • Relevant theme
  • Local or international?
  • Where is my dream affiliate network?
  • Content type
  • SEO
  • How affiliate links to go under your content?
  • Tools
  • Need help?
  • You need traffic, the right traffic.
  • Learn your competitors (the other affiliate marketers.)
  • Build relationship, the core essence of becoming something.
  • Quality is everything, my mate!
  • A ninja multi-tasker!

Let’s now go into the further details by picking up every single step of this affiliate marketing process.

Find out your niche first

find your niche

As it already says, the first process of making bucks through affiliate marketing it is to find out the niche first, but the question is, how you are going to find it out actually?

Will you just pick up any of the niche/topic OR select for yourself which does interest you?

I would definitely recommend the latter situation…. Pick what interests you.

Niche selection is of course, the primary step to getting started with the affiliate marketing.

Do not ever worry if your niche is not into the digital space but it can be anything from health to beauty to everything that you want to pick for yourself.

You can effectively promote anything, so anything can be your good niche. All let it be to have included your own interest because that will want you to get moving in the future.

Take your interest searched to see how is it working for the people.

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Domain name plus web hosting

starting your website project

After the niche, you need to select the good domain name and the effective best wordpress web hosting to handle your niche (your interest.)

I will stress here that if you want to earn big and make a brand able name, select only one domain name per niche.

Means that if you are going to select different niches, let the one domain name serve just one niche.

With this way, you are totally committed to that particular niche if you just got one domain name representing that one niche.

Multi-niches on the one domain name will definitely be harder to work and you will get exhausted soon.

Now after employing the powerful domain name of your niche site, it is the time to do the same homework to select some very good web hosting.

After the domain name, the only work is of your web hosting provider to keep your niche site online — and be accessible 24/7 for your viewers.

Every second counts in the business, so the same applies for your niche site — it has to be online all of the time.

And you need the good working process to create the niche site.

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Relevant theme


Well, it really is the relevancy.

As per your niche, the relevant theme with the relevant graphics, colour, and the style will be so sufficient to impress the viewers.

The medical-related niche site will look better if the theme is totally relevant. Soft colours, topic related images, and everything relevant will definitely put the good effect.

Having the medical-related site and then having it facing the dark-coloured theme will surely not work at all.

Some very good designs you can find from ElegantThemes, ThemeForest, and StudioPress.

Determine Your Audience

reliable audience

Local or international? Yeah, what you are up to? From where do you want to make the most money from? while doing affiliate marketing.

Going to only after the local market or the international; it is the deciding stage to find out who you are going after for?

For example, if you are targeting local vendors like, the scenario will be different, but if you are inclined towards International audience the market and programs will be completely different.

It actually depends more on your business type, whether you are up with the physical product to be sold nationwide. Or if it is ready to be sold internationally.

On the digital side, the market is totally boundary-less unless you set your market preferences.

Definitely it is the crucial stage of the planning part to give a good time over.

So, who will you go after?

Where is my dream affiliate network?

We are definitely not talking about just one network but the multiple networks.

Just like what niche you take on, the affiliate networks will get you the products to sell off your niche site.

Again, that is the definite crucial part of the process in creating any niche site; to find the good affiliate networks that have your desired products.

And there are many, so many affiliate networks ready to serve you to make money (depending upon your niche), and we are talking about;

These are few of the brilliant affiliate networks that you can definitely enjoy the good commissions from their systems.

It is indeed the challenging to register and be approved of their programs but hey! Let’s try your luck, buddy!

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Content type

Content-vs-Links content is king

Okay… It is important, to know the content and know its type too. Content is the king (or the queen) in this game of the niche site. And knowing exactly the type is the real player in here.

The type of the content will actually make your viewers to push the buy button. Convince first. Convince good.

But remember… Do NOT become the sell-y guy! You are here to convince them. Tell them you are missing out big if you do not get this product (see in here, I said do not get this product BUT I did not tell if you do not buy this product. It is the big different in here in Getting and Buying.)

Now more towards the content type, the ball is again in your court.

It totally depends on the niche which you selected for yourself. Be the copy soft to read, and better convincing.

Targeting the niche of the digital marketing-related products is different than heading for the health-related topic.

Find your difference, and through your own self.

And gain the trust of your readers by actually providing the best, and personally-touched content.


SEO search engine optimization

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the too-necessary element to erect the foundation of your niche site success.

Do you really want to make money online with your niche site doing Affiliate Marketing? Then SEO is must.

Without it, I cannot really say it will ever touch the first stair of the success.

Work it out, work it well to get your best of the keywords.

Niche site is all about and based upon the search engine ranking.

Acquire the professional hand to assist you in shooting your niche site to go upward.

Evaluate every single mistake, document the fixes, and the proper solutions to learn it on your own for the future.

Because you do not know it now, you will not come to know of it later.

Useful post: How to Improve Your SEO Techniques in 2024

How affiliate links to go under your content?

Emmmmm…. How?

Actually it is just simple.

As you are writing your copy, the flow of the affiliate links should be with the general format.

Now, what is that general format?

That is that your entire copy should be written in the sense the readers should not spot a single line, and the single sentence going off into the jungle of unknowns.

The affiliate link should be placed anywhere to actually fulfill its requirement and you do not let them added forcibly.

The forcing part can easily be pointed out by the readers, nope?

Remember, my friend….. Convince and convert.

Tools for Affiliate Marketing

The tools could be anything you need for your niche site.

And, let me quickly name some of the few for you;

  • SEMRush — It will get the complete performance of your niche site to adjust where you are lacking in terms of SEO and more. Read my best SEMRush review
  • Aherfs — Analyse your complete site to find what is broken and how to fix
  • Yoast SEO Pro — Very powerful SEO plugin in WordPress platform!
  • Grammarly — Easy peasy tool! Will polish your writing if you make it your friend. Read Grammarly Review
  • Duplichecker — Best works in the situation of multiple writers and it finds if the content is duplicate.
  • Hemingway — To ease the writing in finding the best alternative words.
  • SuMoMe — To handle many things like sharing, etc.
  • Last Modified Timestamp — It will help to show the modified time of the post in order to inform the viewers the post is updated with the new information.
  • Shortcodes Ultimate — Very useful to deal with in-content small tasks.
  • WP-PostRatings — To place the small review tag to be shown over the search engines.
  • Google Analytics — To analyse how you are site is doing for the traffic.
  • Google Search Console — To detect internal and external structure of your niche site.
  • HootSuite — For social media management.
  • MailChimp — To build mailing list.
  • Google AdWords — PPC, promotion.
  • Canva — For creating graphics for your posts.

Need help?

help others

Who does not… need the “need help”?

But oh… I am talking about the human help here.

You might need help of the content writer, the graphic designer, the social media manager, and what not?

Content writer is the must here (in many folks’ cases!) because the detailed product review, the effective detailing, and the proper detailing you need the time. And as had said earlier, the content is the real player in the affiliate marketing.

And for the content writer, it is their job to get the content being written all the time.

So, your one important hassle is taken care of him in good.

You need traffic, the right traffic.

web traffic

See the difference here…

There is the town which has the big road going in into its centre and then it has two street roads as well.

But the traffic is (and will always be) moving in through the big road and unless there is the problem or something, then the vehicles will be compelled to go through the small street roads.

See if the small street roads are kept well-maintained, no hurdles during the passage, and nothing at all then the people will definitely start taking this route, and especially during the peak hours.

By the passage of some time, that small street (if kept in good shape) will start to attract more traffic and will become the known road for many.

So is the case with your niche site; start it right. Keep it well. And bring the professionality to attract the new visitors.

Oh well… It is not that easy just like in the situation of the big and the small roads.

You have to bring in the traffic yourself first.

And your good network will help you in this case.

Social media is the first in the line.

Share yourself, and let your network tell to share about your site as well.

Though it will not attract the right maintained traffic but it will just be the boost of few hits.

So, how to attract the right traffic?

  • PPC
  • Social media
  • Special event(s) related to your niche


PPC is the name of ‘pay per click’ and is deemed the most popular medium to buy the right traffic off the search engines.

Because when someone searches on, let’s say, google then the ads. according to the search query that searcher may see.

So for one of the keyword you put your ad. up on the Google can lend you the right traffic because the searched may had the good interest in finding out the information for which (the keyword) you aimed for.

So the PPC is faster, and much-reliable medium to target for the right traffic.

And the rest is all in the hands of the viewer whether he (or she) converts based on how good you had convinced him (or her.)

Read my How to Start Your PPC Campaign

Social media

social media platforms

Just like search engine, you can do the same with social media; to place your ad. to target the right audience.

Aim for the right and relevant interest, geography, age-scale, and anything to keep the relevancy as close to your niche.

FaceBook and Twitter can definitely do the wonders in this case.

Read my Social media guide

Special event(s) related to your niche

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are for everyone, and for every niche.

Your good preparations beforehand will do benefit you on those two days.

But some niches have their own special days other than Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Like the Valentine’s Day, New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and some more.

If you have your site good ranked, those days can make your effort to mean a lot for you.

Do you want to make money through paid surveys and doing free stuff? Checkout my Clixsense Review

Learn your competitors (the other affiliate marketers.)


Another good way for making money through Affiliate Marketing is to understand your competitors. Not to copy them but to see how they are doing with their niche sites. You can divide this as follows

  • How they are earning through their niches sites?
  • What makes affiliate marketing there preferred way of earning online?
  • How they are bringing traffic and monetising it.

We all are into the learning phase no matter how good we are doing at the moment.And it is not too bad to learn from your competitors to align your efforts.

Build relationship, the core essence of becoming something.

build better relationship

Be personal, let the world know who you are and do not hide behind the curtains in the name of privacy.

Allow the viewers to see your face, and establish the means of contact.

Originality is everything in any business and most affiliate marketers fear of some uncertainties, but this digital world is not for the hidden folks.

Again I say, be personal.

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Quality is everything, my mate!


Whether you do it yourself or acquire the external help, quality is everything.

Remaining and being original will ultimately assist you in bringing the best of the quality.

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A ninja multi-tasker!

multi tasker

With so much and everything going around you and this world, you better handle the stress plus the work, side by side.

And to do exactly that, multi-tasking should be your normal thing. Should be the part of you.

Writing one thing and you gotta check over your email for some latest happening, and then the phone rings, then this happens after that.

You should be more addicted of all of these — that what is happening around you.

I know writing is something that should NOT be disturbed but you got to train your mind to handle it all without losing the creativity.

Other Ways To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

learn how to make money online by selling photos

Video Marketing to generate huge income from Affiliate marketing

You can start with video marketing and make money through youtube doing video product reviews or your feedback or tutorial with different products.

For example,

Matthew Wood does video tutorials and reviews of different online products and earn decent income through it by Youtube as well from Affiliate Products.

Promote Your Affiliate Links on Q & A Websites [Proven method which works with Affiliate Marketers]

If you are good at writing, then you can make decent income just by promoting your affiliate links with tutorial based answers and recommendations on Question & Answer websites such as on

quora link sharing example

So if you answer in a decent way, your answer is much likely to stay and you can earn passive income.

Frequently asked questions regarding How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2024

What is the best and fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing?

I will recommend you to either go with Video Tutorials or Website based reviews. Some people are also earning good with PPC advertising to affiliate links.

Can you really make significant money using affiliate marketing?

I have personally seen people making huge cash from Affiliate marketing alone. People make any where from $100 to $100,000 per month or even more through it.

How much money do you make doing affiliate marketing?

There is no limit on how much people can make money through it. Luqman Khan, the guy behind He was earning around $40,000 per month from his site until he sold it for $570,000. As per his diggy marketing interview.

Is affiliate marketing declining?

Not at all. I’m surprised on whoever made this statement.

Do I really need to have a website to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Yes and no. That totally depends upon your approach. If you are doing just email marketing, it’s not compulsory to have a website, but if you are primarily earning through product reviews or recommending products, you may need to have a website. However if you are going with website, I will always recommend to have natural reviews.

Affiliate Links vs. Banners what’s better to earn?

Depends on your marketing strategy, I would prefer to use combination if i’m doing a solo product review but if i’m recommending multiple products in a single place or article, my preference will be links.

Is affiliate marketing really profitable?

Just like every other field, profit can be made if things are done correctly.

I have a website/blog but I am not sure how to add links on my blog. Any ideas?

If you don’t know much about this stuff, you can consider outsourcing it to someone on Fiverr or watch tutorials on Youtube to quickly learn.

What’s the difference between Affiliate Programs vs. Affiliate Marketplaces?

Affiliate Programs are the programs offered by a single company while if you found a group of Affiliate programs in a particular place, it’s known As Affiliate market place such as

Should i No Follow Affiliate Links on my site and why?

Yes you should no follow your affiliate links so your website link or authority is not being used to the owners of these products/services.

Conclusion on How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2024

your turn

Understand one thing, please….

Affiliate marketing will not get you the quick money because it is not for for your fantasies you have for quick money-making BUT it is the complete process, just like the real business.

I have tried to explain the step by step procedure on How you can make money through it without huge investment.

So, prepare for it and shoot it into the market.

Test > Analyze > Adjust > Repeat is actually known as affiliate marketing.

If you do it, and do it right, no one’s gonna stop you to succeed.

Now I ask from you…

Are you going to have your niche site established to get paid for chasing your interest?

If you already are into the affiliate marketing, how you are doing? And you got some new things out of this guide?

What did you learn from this article regarding earning from Affiliate Marketing?

Whether you are to launch your first niche site OR you are already working into it, I will so love to hear your feedback over it. 🙂

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